Games Parlour Our in house Games Parlour has everything to make it a complete one. Most of them are imported ones & are top of the line international brands. Pool-table, table-tennis, darts, chess, carom, internet....etc. are few of them that are available here & will certainly help you & your dear spouse in finally deciding by friendly means that who is the better half of the two.
The winner can always console the loser at either our multi-cuisine Pazhassi Raja restaurant or at our Sultan's barbecue where each & every dish made by our hand picked & well experienced chefs are sure to melt the heart of anyone whether a winner or a loser.

House Our amusement park & play house ensures loads of fun to your children -right from your little ones to the grown up children. From large & life size toys like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse....etc. to peddle cars, see-saws, tiny swings...etc. to your loved toddlers, there is also basket ball, slides, See-Saws, Swings , Play house....etc. for slightly grown up children too. For slightly more adult children, there are many intelligent board games like Scrabble. Monopoly, Chess...etc.
But that is not all. For adventurous & fun loving children, there are imported little bicycles, which they can peddle to their heart's content in our huge but totally safe compound area. All these equipments adhere to the international safety standards-which leaves you with a totally worry free mind frame.
Whether want to have a cozy candle lit dinner with your dear spouse at our Phassiraja restaurant or a game of pool or table-tennis with your business partner, you can be certain that your children are having their best time of their childhood. There is something for every member of your family in GREEN GATES to keep you pleasantly occupied irrespective of their age or taste.

Our Health Club is one stop fitness center for complete health care with specialized equipments from abroad - KETTLER. We have a state-of-the-art facility, which has everything that is needed to STAY FIT IN OUR HOTEL. Our gourmet patrons need not worry when they indulge themselves at our Phassiraja restaurant. They can always lose those extra calories at our health club.

Halls Green Gates Hotel has two banquet halls. The seating capacity of these two halls are as follows

  • The larger conference hall is capable of accommodating 120 persons in theatre style& 40 persons in round table style.
  • The second conference hall has the capacity of accommodating 70 & 25 persons in theatre & round table style respectively.
We have the best equipments in both audio & video systems including public address systems, over head & slide projectors & not to mention our multi-purpose black boards will ensure that whether it is corporate meetings or seminars of banquets, they will all be a huge success at Green Gates.
Wayanad is the ideal district for people who like adventures sports whether it is Trekking, Rock Climbing, Camping Out at nights. Wayanad has ideal sites for all these activities & much more. Green Gates has highly competent & professional guides to help our adventure sports loving patrons. We have a separate division for adventure sports, which is ably headed by a highly competent & well-experienced Manager & equally well supported by a group of thorough well professional team members.
For camping out at night/s too, many options in choice of location are available to our patrons. We have listed few of them below for information.

  • This peak is a trekker's paradise & an ideal place for camping at night too.
  • 950 Acres of lush green forest on the tributaries of Kabini river is an ideal picnic spot. The island is uninhabited. This isolated area is paradise with myriad birds. An ideal site for camping too.
  • The labyrinth of Pakshipathalam is another fascinating trek. Pakshipathalam is the abode of various exotic birds & wild beasts. This is a challenging tourist spot for any adventure-seeking tourist.
  • This is another popular wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad. Camping out at night in the watch tower in this sanctuary is a memorable lifetime experience - for any adventure sports loving patrons. The watch tower is just above the lake, which is the only source of water to all animals. All animals both wild & not so wild ones-come here to drink water at night. Needs nerves of steel & totally unforgettable experience for adventure sports loving patrons. Whether it is trekking or rock climbing or camping out at nights both Green Gates & Wayanad complement each other by offering the best in everything to our Adventure Sports loving patrons.
Hotel Green Gates provides an unlimited number of options for adventure and Eco-tours. The hotel provides a naturalist to guide you through this magical land and explain the beautiful fauna and flora of Wayanad.
The rocky Western Ghats has created a multitude of obstacles that are bound to challenge both the beginner and the expert.
Wayanad is the happy hunting grounds for a wanderlust trekker. The Western Ghats has provided Wayanad with steep cliffs and narrow passes, mountain streams and dales. Ideal for a long and stimulating march through the heartland of nature.
The tallest peak in the range that winds its way through Wayanad-Chembra. 2100 m above sea level, the peak is an exhilarating 4-hour trek from the base of this mountain. At 1500 m above sea level is a crystal clear lake hardly touched by human hands. Camp at the peak with the starry sky as ceiling and the red earth as your bed. A memory you'll cherish forever.
22 kms from Hotel Green Gates is Soochipara Waterfalls. Alight from your 4-wheel drive and take a 2-km walk into the dense equatorial forest of Wayanad and find nature at its thundering best. Soochipara is a 3-tiered, powerful waterfall. And the cliff face here is ideal for rock climbing.
This trek will take you through the beautiful and bountiful forests of Wayanad. And the place to rest those aching bones is in nature's jewel - Meenmutty Waterfalls, a thundering triple-decker fall.
Pakshipathalam: The labyrinth of Pakshipathalam is another fascinating trek. A 9-kilometer walk along winding paths through dense evergreen forests over 3 hills. The destination is a grotto of caves; created by nature a million years ago. These caves are nearly 12 kms long. Your guide through these caverns is a native adivasi.
This spot is a mere 35 kms from the hotel. Strap on a pair of wings and take to the air. An experienced balloonist or a licensed hang-glider will help you navigate the thermals.
The Kabini river, with its gentle currents, passes through dense evergreen forests. Sail along the river and enjoy the landscape as it gently unfolds along. You could also become a helmsman with your muscle as engine, punting down the Kabini.
These are little islets, which are found in the wake of the river Kabini. This isolated are is a paradise with myriad birds. Camp at the Kabini or take a catamaran ride. Or enjoy the sights of different birds and learn about their nesting habits and mating calls.
Wayanad is within easy reach of five wildlife preserves. Bandipur, Nagerhole, Muthanga, Begur and Tholpatty. These wildlife sanctuaries are home to many species of birds and wild animals. You can sight a spotted deer or a solitary tusker. Or the greatest hunter of them all - the tiger.
Angling and mountain biking: Wayanad has a spectrum of entertainment. So you don't go disappointed. The hotel provides complete gear for you to break away from everyday life. You could go angling at Pookot or better still cycle along tea and coffee plantations, turning into forests tracks or go deep into the jungle.
Other Tourist Attractions
Natural fresh water lake, surrounded by evergreen forest and wooded hills. Boating facilities, Children's Park and Shopping Center for handicrafts and spices of Wayanad are arranged by District Tourism Promotion Council. A fresh-water aquarium with wide varieties of fishes is managed by Fisheries Department. The Lake is 3kms. south of Vythiri.
It is the Gate Way of Wayanad above the Thamarassery Ghat Pass of Western ghat, at an elevation of 700m above mean sea level. Deep valley to the south with winding roads through thick forests attract many. It is 55 kms east of Kozhikode and 5 kms. of south of Vuthri.
The body of Veera Pazhassi, the Lion of Kerala who organized a guerilla war against the British East India Company, is buried at Mananthavady, which is 32 km north-east of Kalpetta.
Thirunelly Temple: It is known as 'Thekkan Kasi', of Kerala. It is believed that a dip in the river Papanasini, running crystal clear downhill, washes away one's sins.
This ancient site was the centre of the spice trade. Here diamonds and pearls changed hands for cinnamon and cloves.
It is believed that a British Engineer killed an Adivasi who showed him the path through the ghat to get the credit of finding out the way. The myth is that the soul of the Adivasi started disturbing the passengers and a priest tied the evil soul to the Banyan Tree with an iron chain.
Hotel Green Gates in the evenings transform into a veritable kaleidoscope of the culture and heritage of Kerala. Get a ringside view of the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu or watch the extravagant dance recitals of the Korichis and the Kattunayakans. A facet of Kerala every evening. You could even chance your skills with these tribesmen or sit back and watch them dance to please Mother Earth.
Hotel Green Gates presents an exclusive Ayurvedic retreat - Vedic Remedies. Here traditional medicine men will provide the best medication according to the ancient tradition of Ayurveda. Try Shirodhara - stimulating massages of the forehead, which will help you, ease the tensions. Or Pizhichil - the massage highly favored by Kathakali dancers and Kalaripayattu practitioners.