The Multi Cuisine Restaurant at the Resort offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape while serving an extensive choice of cuisines that will put your taste buds into overdrive. The highlight however, is the traditional Kerala cuisine with its delectable smothering of spices and nuances of flavor that is bound to entice any connoisseur of good food.
A major attraction at Banasura Hill Resort is the Wellness Center that offers special body, face and head massages using herbals oils followed by herbal steam baths. Apart from being an excellent relaxation and rejuvenation programme, this also helps to fight fatigue, stiffness and back pain, and also enhances the skin tone.
Banasura's relaxed, casual environment and scenic settings provides the ideal backdrop for hosting corporate retreats and meetings that can comfortably accommodate from 10 to 40 persons. The Resort also has a cozy reading room where you can relax and browse through newspapers and magazines. We have thoughtfully included a collection of popular children's titles to keep the little ones happy.
At Banasura Hill Resort we take special care of children, providing them with the kind of food they like, and helping them engage in the kind of games and activities they enjoy. We also have a children's play area equipped with swings, seesaws, slides and merry-go-rounds. Close to the children's play area, there is a campfire ring with adequate seating arrangements, where you can relax with friends singing songs and making merry.