Raja Park makes every effort to provide guests with a memorable stay. We offer nostalgic beautiful heritage, AC,non AC cottages with spacious rooms that are tastefully decorated with antiques made from teak, sandalwood, mahagony and rosewood in keeping with the historical charm of the resort. You can step back in time and enjoy the ambiance created by the many heritage touches. The technique of "tachu sastra" is wonderfully blended into the environiouument. This traditional method resembles the East Asian gabled and thatched structures where originally the roofs where made from coconut fronds. The edifice technique is such that the rooms are made cool , pleasant and protected from the harmful UV radiations of the sun. The walls are beautifully chiseled wood carvings, metal cuttings and brass works resembling that of a consecrated temple.

The honeymooners make their married life a real thrilling event by preserving in their remote memories some bits of sweet mementoes obtained from this golden island of life, love and experience.
We like to preserve Gandhiji’s words- "the true spirit of a nation lies in a green village" hence we maintain a beautiful garden. The coconut and palm groves are a great attraction to all the visitors of "Gods Own Country"