In harmony with its abundant nature and the exclusive setting, the living quarters at Carmelia come in varying designs from the familiar to the outlandish. The building houses luxuriously furnished suites and rooms with a landscaped backyard. Then you have circular cottage set amidst orchards of tea, pepper and fruit trees the thatch- roofed terrace offers you spectacular views across the emerald greenery. Get an exciting experience of the exotic. If you want to be all by yourself, we have a quaint underground cellar where you can shut out the world and give a free run to your imagination. And if you are one with an adventurous turn of mind, welcome to our Erumadam a treetop wood cabin set deep inside the forests and surrounded by rich green thickets of cardamom. Where you can sleep to the sweet lullaby of a nightingale. And wake up to the welcome song of a cuckoo on your window sill. But don’t let the ethnic touches and rustic styling deceive you for a moment. The exquisitely appointed interiors are a study in dignified luxury.
Common Facilities & Services

  • Tastefully appointed rooms with marble-floored lobby.
  • Doctor on call.
  • Kolumban, the cozy little multi-cuisine restaurant.
  • Ayurvedic Massage.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Cultural programmes of Kerala and tribal dances arranged on request.
  • Open-air barbecue pit with bonfire.
  • Health club.
  • Satellite dish antenna.