The cottages made with locally available materials and built in traditional style are naturally cool and eco-friendly, 5 cottages with two double rooms in each, spread over 4 acres of golden sand facing the sea. Each room is provided with a large double bed, bathroom with W/C and shower of best quality.
Enter Palliyara or The Royal Bedroom to enjoy the facilities for your highness, receive the hospitality of the mermaid. The inner walls are decorated with traditional mats with ramacham roots inside. the aromatic herbs paneled on the roof always refreshes you. Stroll in the verandah or just relax on royal furniture's. Sleep royally on the king-size bed. Spend your time watching the setting sun.

Taste the cuisine when you taste the nature. Just walkover to the Lake view restaurant any time of your choice. Try out the Kerala dishes to find the difference. Restaurant serve homely cooked pure Kerala vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, minimizing the influence of other parts of the world. Food is cooked and served in Kerala traditional style or buffet. Varieties of dishes available as spicy, non- spicy, vegetarian, non-vegetarian etc; also choice of different varieties of fruits. Special care is taken to minimize the repetition of same variety, tea/ coffee and snacks are served in the restaurant at any time of the day without any extra cost.

Entertain yourself with cultural extravaganza of Kerala, Kathakali, Theyyam, Kalaripayattu, Mappila Pattu, Mohiniyattom, Folk dances etc; performed during the season in the evening.
Take a boat ride or an elephant ride. Try out the local drink toddy to deviate from the usual. Enhance your knowledge of culture and history. Visit the famous ancient temples Guruvayoor, Triprayar, Koodalmanikyam, Vadakkumnatha etc; the first Christian Church of India at Palayoor built in the era of Apostle St. Thomas. Visit Kodungalloor where St. Thomas landed in India, the first Muslim Mosque of India and the famous Bhagawathy Temple. Witness the local festival that invokes you as well as the Gods. Shop for the beautiful and useful items produced by cottage industries . Watch the Athirappilly - Vazachal waterfalls and the exotic beauty of the mountains.

  • From Kochi City (Cochin) : Aluva - Paravur - Kodungalloor - Triprayar - Nattika Junction.
  • From Kochi International Airport: Chalakudy - Irinjalakkuda - Moonupeedika, ( NH 17) - Triprayar - Nattika Junction.
  • From Kozhikode Karipur Airport: Kuttipuram - Kunnamkulam - Chettuva - Vadanappilly - Nattika Junction.
  • From Coimbatore: Palakkad - Thrissur - Vatanappilly - Nattika Junction
3 KM. TO Beach Side: Located middle of a small village in Thrissur district, central Kerala. The main town, railway station and district capital is 25 km away . Resort is direct on the beach, easily accessible by road, 3 km from National Highway ( NH 17 ) at Nattika Jn./ Triprayar.
Ayurveda Treatment
Ayurveda is a tried and tested medical therapy developed in Kerala by saints and sages. Apart from the treatment for diseases, it is proved as a rejuvenating and purifying therapy. All the medicines used are herbs or natural. The theory of the treatment is making the body capable to resist from the diseases. Duration of the treatment is normally 28 days, 21 days ‘CHIKALSA’ (treatment) and 7 days ’NELLARIKA’ (rest period) Because of the busy schedule of life, now a days the period may be shortened. Ayurveda classify all problems in a human body, is because the agitation of vatha (gas) pitha (bile) kapha (mucas). So the treatment is based on this. It covers five categories of treatment vamanam, (vomiting) virechana (clearing) swedam (sweat) nasiam (nasal) and raktha moksham (purification); each have various types of treatment according to the person and problems viz, dhara, kizhi, pizhchil, nasiam, vasti, swedam etc... . This is decided by the ‘vaidya’ (physician) after consultation; also he prescribe the medicines, diet and life style during the treatment period, known as ‘pathya’. In early days people spared 28 days in a year for their health care (sukachikalsa) which rejuvenate and purify the body and mind, and sufficient to keep the health intact and free from all disease.
we conduct ayurveda in its orginal spirit and style. Separate treatment facilities for male & female ,supervised by Chief Physician & a lady Doctor; also male & female therapists.
(USD: 520 per person for 14 days ): Rejuvenation/Purification Therapy. This is a combination of different type of treatments for about 2 hours in a day. Types of treatment varies from person to person after consultation with the physician. Rejuvenation massage and Sweadam ( Herbal steam bath ) provided with this treatment everyday. This is a preventive treatment and protect the body from diseases by building up stamina and vitalize the body.
( 14 days USD: 520 one time USD: 40 ): Duration 60 to 90 minutes in a day. Continuously pour the lukewarm oil on body by trained masseur and masseuse in rhythm. This treatment is effective for rheumatic diseases, nervous disorders, joint pain, sexual weakness etc.
(14days USD: 520 onetime USD: 40): Duration 60 to 90 minutes a day. Njavara rice make pudding with milk and other medicines. This pudding apply on the body in a lukewarm condition with cloth bags after dipping in the medicated milk solution. This is very much effective for hyper tension, all types of rheumatic complaints, joint and hip pains, numbness, skin disease, beauty care, improve body weight and to maintain health.
( 14 days - USD: 180 one time USD: 14 for Ksheera or Thakra and USD: 280 one time, USD: 23 for Thylam ): Duration about 45 minutes in a day. Continuous pouring of suitable medicated oil, milk or butter milk on the forehead in a special methord. Effective for mental disorders in five senses ect.
(14 days- USD: 190 one time USD: 15 for Sneha Vasthi and USD: 25 for Kashaya Vasthi ): Herbal extracts or oil are applied through the rectum. This treatment is suitable for hemiplegia, gastric complaints, constipation, menstrual disorders, arthritis and paralytic complaints etc.
(14 days- USD: 200 one time USD: 15): Pour and hold the medicated oil in the head by fitting a special cap in the head. This treatment is effective for lack of sleep, facial paralysis, ear , throat and nose problems, headaches etc.
(14 days- USD: 50 one time USD: 4): Application of medicines to nose by blowing. This is effective for disorders connected with head, headaches diseases related with ear nose and throat, etc.
(14 days - USD 100 ): Oral administration of medicated ghee in proportionally increased quantity under the strict supervision of the physician. This treatment is for osteo-arthritis, psoriasis, ulcers and other stomach related diseases etc.
(14 days - USD: 100 TO USD: 300 depending on type of medicine. One time USD: 10 to USD: 30 ): Herbal leaves or powders in cotton bag applied on body with light pressure and medicated oil. This is the treatment for injuries, arthritis complaints, body swellings, spondylosis etc.
(BODY MASSAGE)(14 days- USD 90/-and one time USD 10/-): This treatment is for obesity, diabetic complaints, skin diseases etc. Body is massaged with special type of medicated oils for about 45 minutes with some special strokes. Rates provided are valid till further notice only. Rates are for single person and increased or reduced duration treatments are available on request and decided by the doctor. Above motioned rates are only for some of the important treatments.