Maria Angela Fernhof, and Shaji Antony exchanged their cultural ideasand worked together to build this small paradise in the verdant land unscathed by modernization. Shalimar Spice Garden is a perfect blend of European and Indian living without diluting the rich heritage of Kerala.
The resort merges with the Spice Gardens that encompass it, is the verdant landscape bordering the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The architecture of the cottages is a fusion of Indian concepts and Western comfort. With its natural environment and ambience, Shalimar is the perfect place to be, for you to get closer to nature. The pace of life here is so easy and peaceful that even thebirds and the butterflies do not seem to be in a hurry. The gentle mountain stream meanders through the property and a wooden bridge built over the stream connects the resort to the outside world. The lush foliage of the coffee, cardamom and other spices plants surrounding the cottages provide privacy for each cottage. Moreover, care has been taken to provide all the luxuries needed to cosset the guests. The en-suite bathrooms are absolutely top-class. The in-house restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere. The swimming pool and surrounds transport you into another world seemingly untouched by man. The excellent Ayurveda and Yoga center with accent on hygiene completes the facilities. There is even a library with a fireplace where one can curl up with a book during the chilly evenings.
halimar Spice Garden Resort offers exceptional facilities to the discerning guest.

The reception area is connected to the main entrance through wooden bridge.

The restaurant is laid out with traditional Kerala wooden furniture dating back to mid 20th century and the décor imparts a homely air to the place. The staff are always at hand to fulfill your requirements. The chef conjures up some of the best Italian and Continental dishes, not to mention authentic Indian and Kerala cuisine.

The swimming pool is set amidst trees at the back of the property with imposing mountains as the backdrop. Lying in the pool, one might just feel that he or she is in a pond in the jungle, amidst the mountains and lush vegetation completely at peace with nature

The cottages and rooms are made of traditional materials of Kerala. Tiled roofing is thatched externally, for that authentic appearance and added insulation. A great deal of attention has been lavished on the immaculately designed spotless large bathrooms. In addition, one cottage is made out of a reassembled heritage Kerala home with intricately carved wooden panels etc.

The peaceful environment at the resort is ideal for nature cures. There is a specialized Ayurvedic and yoga centre in the resort that provides all the treatments like massages Pizhichil etc. Female masseurs do the massaging for ladies.