ACCOMMODATION :Independent villas (sitting rooms, dry toilets. Balcony and state-of-the-art accessories), split – level executive villas, deluxe rooms, adorned with bewitching paintings, for cozy, comfortable stay for the executive and business class – an epitome of the endearing charm of Munnar hospitality. A view
  • CONFERENCE CUM BANQUET HALL : Renders the business parleys an impeccable leisurely parlance.
  • AYURVEDA CENTRE : Strictly adhering to the regimens and strictures of the ancient Indian veidic system for prevention, cure and rejuvenation; and customized packages. (about to open) (will be arranged on request)
  • VALLEY- VIEW TOWER : The panoramic charm of the vast expanses of paddy- fields yonder- the seemly damsel attired in her gorgeous emerald baldachin. A view
  • CAMP – FIRE : The sensuous relief images, ignite and incite the emotional magma, radiate the unbridled, dainty vesper vibes to the beloved.
  • ROCK – HUTS : Dive deep into the unknown, unhindered, uninterrupted.
  • OPEN-AIR-THEATRE : The venue for cultural programmes and performing arts – add a little spice to the starry nights andchilly breeze.
  • RESTAURANT : Multi – cuisine and traditional kerala delicates – enough to satiate any and every palate and taste bud. (Provision for organic vegetables) A view
  • BODY AND SOUL : Meditation, yoga and workout for the proper physical and mental fitness.
  • SPRING – WATER : The wondrous phenomenon that flows the perennial stream that provides a natural shower.
  • WARM WATER POOL : For a whiff pf warmth in the chilly environs; Unique unto us! (about to open)