It is comfort from a bygone era, the interiors wrap you in the buxom comfort of stuffed sofas, lace curtains, of warm fireplaces on a cold night, starched linen covered dining tables and waxed wooden floors that creak in the still of the night. The rules of the house allow you to sin with Yorkshire pudding and indulge in the genteel charm of drinking delicately flavored tea from porcelain crockery world.

Tea Meadows is a hospitality experience that offers slices of colonial nostalgia and an intimate embrace with nature. The properties comprise bungalows and cottages situated on an undulating tapestry of tea. Here, the colonial history of these tea plantations meets the demands of contemporary hospitality standards. Tea Meadows exemplifies professionally managed properties that offer the state of the art in hospitality facilities. Our staff, all trained in the nuances of hospitality, wait, to serve your pleasure and are attentive to the smallest detail without being obtrusive.