Kumarakom Lagoon Resort
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Enter the most ideal location for our dream vacation. Kumarakom Lagoon. With leisure activities naturally available for you round the clock Get ready to be transported away from civilisation!
The island will present you with the best in modern amenities, and yet, keep you grounded to the most natural things like walking along the village track, fishing, bird watching, or simply lazing around. A mood for romance will always be there. Thanks to the constant light drizzle, on the purple flowers of the water hyacinth against the thick green mass of floating foliage, presenting a beautiful sight. What’s more, being close to the bird sanctuary Kumarakom Lagoon, a lakeside forest walk would present with mind-blowing sightings of a variety of birds, insects, reptiles, Indian cormorants, kingfishers, tree frogs, green frogs, butterflies, damselflies, tree lizards and more!