Surya Samudra Private Retreats
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"Situated on a rocky promontory between two deserted beaches, Surya Samudra is the kind of place you could easily imagine Hemingway or Somerset Maugham retreating to for weeks at a time to bash away at a typewriter in splendid isolation. It's that kind of place."
Herbert Ypma, HIP HOTELS ESCAPE, Thames & Hudson
Welcome to Surya Samudra- Kerala's spacious, lush resort! Here one can get enough of Surya, the Sun or Samudra, the sea.
"This place, Surya Samudra is like a setting in a James Bond film," said a friend. Quite so: exotic wooden cottages, coconut trees, a fine beach…This is a place for dreaming, in the silence and the sun and the roar of the waves… Kerala has no beach resort like it.'