A natural Swimming Pool carved out of rock, gives a rare, once-in-a-lifetime experience to swim in surroundings like royalty of the past.
Dine at the restaurant called , famous for its excellent seafood, fresh vegetables, genuine Kerala dishes, home-made cakes and ice creams.
Trips around Surya Samudra can be undertaken to view the beautiful backwaters, temples and local areas. The resort can make arrangements for them.
Experience the traditional Indian healing sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga, kept alive here, as a tradition.
The Octopus, the resorts restaurant, specialises in and offers various sea-food ranging from lobsters and tiger prawns to octopus and shark; from barracuda puttu and sea urchins to baked crab and Japanese tuna salad.
Local dishes (vegetables and fish) too are prepared and can be savoured on plantain leaves. With the exception of jam, cream and pickles no preserved food is used in the resort. Fresh fish from the sea, vegetables and fruits grown in the resort garden are used to avoid pollution in food materials.
"Ayurveda here is on a luxurious scale…My rejuvenation massage was an hour and a half of nirvanic bliss. I felt as if I'd been on holiday a month, instead of just arriving."