Accommodation: A typical cottage at Marari looks almost identical to a local fisherman's hut. There is the same palm thatch, swooping low over a raised verandah, complete with a little tap by the steps to wash your feet with.
But appearances are deceptive, as you'll discover when you enter. Air conditioning is made possible by a roof invisible from the outside. Simplicity and harmony mark the interiors, which nevertheless contain all the comforts of a modern resort.
There are modern twin - or - double beds, elegant, locally-inspired furniture and even a tea and coffee making facility, for all those odd times. The bathrooms are open-roofed courtyards, similar to those in the homes of old Kerala. There's ultra - modern plumbing of course, and hot-and-cold running water too. For the true sybarite, our spacious Pool Villas are a good option to the cottages. These feature cozy living rooms and -luxury itself- your own private pool.
Things to do (and Undo): You could spend an entire morning lolling by the poolside with a book from the library. Or take a dip in the sea, the beach usually being nearly empty, except for a few other guests and the odd local fisherman. Or explore the area and its fishing villages on a bicycle.
The trick at Marari is to open up, relax and rejuvenate. To while away the hours watching the fascinating play of light on open water, to feed a wandering guinea fowl, to stretch a lazy hand out to your cocktail glass and wait for one of our sumptuous lunches to be served.
Respect to the Ecology: The farm ensures that the vegetables and fruits we serve are the freshest you can get. Special mention must be made of our cleaning staff, who do so much to maintain the beauty that is around them. As a guest at Marari, you can be sure of an experience that respects the ecology. We invite you to be part of this process. It will enrich your enjoyment all the more.
Ayurveda and Yoga for Holistic Health: A popular feature of the Marari experience is the Ayurveda centre. While it is fully equipped for complete treatments of illnesses (these take a week, at the very least), you may need little more than a relaxing oil or herbal massage, perfect for draining away the last residues of urban stress. Our open-air yoga classes will have the same effect. These are held at sunrise and sunset, with a qualified master in attendance.
Real Taste of the Nature: Mealtimes at Marari are unhurried affairs, with a firm eye on enjoying every subtlety that the waves have to offer. Both at the buffet and at our specialty sea food restaurant, Fort Cochin, the fresh catch of the day forms the centerpiece. You can choose from a variety of prawns, lobsters, crayfish and the famous 'Karimeen', grilled on the spot or prepared to your tastes. Complementing it all is an array of Kerala specialties. Aromatic vegetable stews, spicy chicken gravies, tangy tamarind and kokam chutneys and always, rice and the popular idiappams- string hoppers that accompany most Kerala meals. Our bread is always baked daily on the premises and the vegetables too, come fresh-plucked from our organic farm. For light snacks, the beach-shack bar and buffet is the place. Sip a post-swim cooler, munch on some fried prawns and listen to the distant roar of surf,